15 August 2017

My first post

Today (15-Aug-2017) being Indian Independence Day is a  day of national celebration  and joyous occasion for the entire country of mine India. This is also one of my memorable days for two reasons.

Indian National Flag
First I was invited as a special guest today to hoist the national flag. What an exciting moment holding the rope along with the folded flag and the moment of sheer excitement and pride as it is raised high and higher on the flag pole.Remembering the sacrifices of our fore-fathers while the unfolded flag showered us with small and colorful petals of  flowers.

Second, I was also able to complete registering my domain for the blog. Hope to publish more of my thoughts, updates and progress of projects to be shared in this blog for the benefit of the general public.

Being in the field of information security and having the urge to share my learning's to the general public, benefiting all is just another one way of showing our remembrance to independence.Currently working on a small project working with millions of records in a closed environment, giving me scope for learning and understanding the much widely used and adopted technology of all times - cloud.