1 February 2019

Skills That You Can Learn From 100DaysOfSecurity

A small initiative to help, spread and increase the awareness of Information Security through learning, sharing and collaborating with each other. This initiative is highly inspired by #100DaysOfCode which has reached more audience and helped folks meet their goal.
Considering the large volumes of data breaches and security incidents that are happening across the world, it is highly imperative that we collectively put in our mind, thoughts and action to reduce such incidents in the future.

How To (Do) 100 DaysOfSecurity Without Leaving Your Office(House)

Start reading/researching on a subject or an issue or pain point you have met in real life. Focus on finding ways of improving the defenses against it. Find the methods, tools, techniques, processes to enable us to fight the issue with full force. Try implementing the same in your environment be it home or office. Share your experience, debate on the subject & give in your feedback. The more we focus on common day-to-day issues, the more it will benefit us all. 

In case if you have a special skill or knowledge on handling a specific problem, feel free to guide us on the resources and methods that can be used by all of us. I strongly believe that every single such action will benefit numerous people for sure.

Simple steps yet produces excellent results. Nothing new, nothing different yet through a community action the same information/comment/suggestion/feedback can reach a larger audience better.

As a community of regular internet users, software developers, IT, SysAdmin, Security Specialists, GRC and Auditors, we do have the potential to change this to help all. Suggestions or ideas on improving various aspects of information security can be shared across for the benefit of all. These suggestions can be in the form of a tweet, facebook post, blog post,GitHub code,CTF challenges, articles etc.

Fascinating #100DaysOfSecurity Topics That Can Help Us All

  • Find and research good articles for safe internet browsing 
  • Guidelines for kids on internet usage 
  • Secure Coding practices and guidelines
  • Good CTF resources to learn and practice 
  • Tips and Tricks to avoid security issues like phishing
  • How to prevent account take overs safeguarding our information
  • How to have a safe password & when to change passwords
  • Web server hardening guidelines for administrators
  • Current security news and actions needed for regular internet users
  • Basic hygiene for personal laptops/workstations
  • Defense by depth for corporate infrastructure
  • Anything that you fancy suits well here ...

The Number One Reason You Should (Do) #100DaysOfSecurity

Primary reason for initiating this is to help folks who can benefit from the collective knowledge and wisdom of each one of us. As a community we have a responsibility to support and give back to the community that is helping us from a professional angle. 

A safe internet without the regular hassles and worries of data theft and other high impact issues will be a good benefit to all. Yes, this is a very high ambition, however every achievement starts only with a simple first step. Let us take that step today!

Let us spend few minutes every day for the next 100 days and support each other. 

#100DaysOfSecurity - Rules

Trinity Rules - 3 Rules Not Meant To Be Broken

Basic idea is to help and support each other through sharing knowledge and wisdom gained by experience and learning. Every day let us re-visit problems in information security and focus on that specifically. 

Let us share our ideas on those problem elements and benefit from this collective problem solving challenge. 

  1. Learn or Share solutions/suggestions for solving Information Security Issues.
  2. Tweet your progress every day with the #100DaysOfSecurity hashtag.
  3. Each day, reach out to at least two people on Twitter who are also doing the challenge
Please adhere to #100DaysOfSecurity community rules and make sure our posts are tweeted with the hash tag #100DaysOfSecurity for everyone to follow. This will help in getting more visibility to the posts thereby benefiting all as a community.

Posts/tweets which receive good reception will be archived and it will be kept in an easy to use reference in GitHub. Folks who are contributing in large numbers with excellent quality posts will also be featured in our #100DaysofSecurity Hall of Fame recognizing their contribution. (Oh well , who knows we might even throw in few surprise gifts for such awesome folks)

Let us help each other to solve our information security issues and cut impact to ourselves personally and professionally. Unofficial information on the same is also hosted at my website #100DaysOfSecurity

Feel free to give in your inputs/suggestions down below for all.

Stay Safe, Stay Secure & Support Each other !